The small stuff

It always amazes me the things that I don’t pray about. When life is spiralling into crisis, then I’m all up for praying. I pray when someone else has a problem. I pray when I see a crisis in the world. When I’m with people going through some challenge or another, it’s typically my first reaction, “I’ll pray for you,” and I mean it.

Yet somehow I skip that when it comes to me.

I’m not sure why that is. Do I not think I’m worth it? Do I believe God is too busy? Maybe I believe that He’s not listening, not interested or not powerful enough to do anything. Or perhaps I think that He thinks my little problem is trivial compared with other people’s problems?

Maybe it’s all of them. When I write those questions out and read them aloud, the answers come easy. Of course, I know that I’m worth it, the Father gave Jesus for me. No, I don’t believe He’s too busy, He’s omnipotent. And of course, He’s listening, interested and powerful.

But what about the small stuff? Is He really bothered that my shoulder is sore? Isn’t he dealing with world poverty? In the grand scheme of heaven, hell, life, death and eternity does it matter to the Father that my daughter is stressed at school?

Yes. Yes.Yes.

It all matters. It matters because He isn’t a distant power. He is a father, a good, beautiful father who loves me.

Corrie Ten Boom once said,

“There is nothing too great for God’s power. There is nothing too small for God’s love.”

Does He care about the small stuff? Yes. Therefore, bring it all to Him. Every tiny concern, every question, every doubt. Bring it all to the good Father.

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash


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