she danced for she was free

She danced for she was free,

not because she was good.

Many dance because they are good.

Confident in their skills, their abilities, their talent, their craft.

They dance in the presence of their peers and their poise will carry them through.

But not her,

her ability was not worthy of praise.

Her skills were rudimentary.

In the eyes of her peers she was inadequate.

Yet she danced.

With eyes shut and joy spilling from her face,

she danced.

She danced because she was free,

and that is the spark that lights a thousand flames

Not skill, not ability, although those have their place.

The igniter of the flame is freedom for it is within the grasp of us all.

I may never dance with the ballet, sing with the choir or paint with the artists,

but I can be free.

I can stand in the company of Kings and dictators, angels and devils, paupers and clowns and I can be free.

So that will be my pursuit.

When expectations crowds in on me,

I will set my sights on freedom.

When disappointment stalks me in the night,

I will run to freedom.

When failure seeks to crush me under its weight,

I will escape to freedom.

And there I will dance,

and light a thousand flames.

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash


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